Long time away


I have clearly been neglecting my blog here and wish to apologize for that.

I have had some things in my life that have taken me away from here and I will soon be rectifying that.

In the next week or so I will be posting some updates with some pictures from the last couple of trips that my wife an I have taken.

Keep an eye out for that content and I will see you all in the next week.

Thanks for your understanding and remember:

Take care and keep up the art!

Merry (late) Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everyone,

I know that some of you may not be christian and that is totally fine with me. I am and have many friends that are and are not christian.

My wife and I spent the morning at our place opening presents. I think the best one that I received was a lightsaber.

I am a huge, HUGE Star Wars fan. I am currently in the process of gathering materials to make a Jedi/Sith tunic for next years Halloween. This Lightsaber will serve as the one that I carry in my hands; it lights up and makes noise and all of that. I have built one of my own and that will be attached to my hip on my belt.

Anyway, I got off track….

Christmas evening was spent at my folks and we opened some more presents there as well.

I am very pleased with the way that the holiday turned out; spending time with family is important.

Regardless of whatever you believe in, BELIEVE IN FAMILY!!!

Our families are the one thing in this world that we should all appreciate since it is our families that we will continue with after this life.

If your holiday was not spent with your family I hope that you have at least called/texted/skyped/facebooked/twitted or whatever form of communication that is accessible was used to wish them a happy holiday.

My wife and I took many pictures and I hope that I can edit some of those and post them soon.

Until that time I hope that all of you are having a wonderful year and are preparing for new beginnings with the new year.

Take care and keep up the art.

Singing / Voice lessons

If you haven’t ever taken anything like voice lessons and love to sing, I cannot recommend taking them enough.

I have sung in choirs throughout all of my years, and always had a certain style of singing. I tended to be a very *chesty* singer. That is when I sing, I sing more from my chest area and less from my diaphragm resulting in my taking note breathes. However, it should be more of the other way around; one should sing more from the diaphragm and less from the chest. This type of singing results in being able to hit higher notes with less effort, resulting in a much cleaner and richer tone. One also has more breath to manipulate when singing from the diaphragm.

Now I know that many are thinking, while reading this: 1) this has nothing to do with photography, and 2) “what are you talking about? I sing from the diaphragm”.

1) You are right, this has nothing to do with photography but I am very much a music junky. I should have grown up a choral geek but it was never really offered to me and it wasn’t the cool thing to do. Music however, especially vocal music has a very strong effect on an individual.

2) Most people do NOT sing from their diaphragms. Or rather they sing less from their diaphragms. They sing from their chest, or more commonly their neck and chest, and through their nose. Listen to popular singers on the radio sometime and you will hear what I am talking about. Your singing voice is also very different from your speaking voice. Singers need to use a different part of their voice and their diaphragm in order to hit notes like high C or D or even E. It’s difficult due in part to not being able to sing a word that is coherent at that height.

My vocal coach has been my choir director for the last couple of years and I just now have come to him for these voice lessons. I have been taking them for the last 6 weeks and already after 2 weeks I’ve seen major improvements in the way I sing in a solo capacity. It is totally different from how I’ve been taught and sung in choir. I can take liberties in how fast or slow I go and still give a powerful feeling from the words I sing.

So if you sing, want to start, or want to improve, I highly, highly recommend taking lessons from a vocal coach.

Take care and keep up the art.

Christmas cards

My wife and I went out the day before Thanksgiving and took pictures with a wonderful photographer for updated photos of ourselves, as well as to use those in upcoming Christmas cards for our friends and family.

We had such a wonderful time! The locations were awesome, and our photographer was great at making us feel less awkward than most.

Below are a couple examples taken on my phone of some of the locations, but the best photos will be shared in the cards we will send out soon.




I really look forward to what we have coming. Check out snaphappymom for the work our photographer has done, and if you’re in the Tucson area and thinking of getting photos done, check it out and send in a request.

Take care and keep up the art.

I’m sexy and I know it

I'm sexy and I know it

My wife has often said that we need to place our cat, Boston, into modeling. I have often said in response that maybe we shouldn’t but perhaps this photo is enough to show that it might be an okay idea.
I love taking photos of him and he loves having his photo taken. He is seriously photogenic and he knows it, so he flaunts it.

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving in America and Canada.

We attribute this holiday to the Pilgrims that sailed from England in the 1600’s and a meal or feast that celebrated a good harvest.

There is much debate about what actually happened that first time these Pilgrims had this Day of Feast/ Day of Thanksgiving while here in North America, but we know that they were grateful they had food after sailing in a ship that suffered from all manner of illness and disease.

What are we most thankful for? What do we hold most dear in our lives that we gather together to discuss and share? What are we doing to display that thanks everyday?

I am thankful for the beauty of life, this beautiful Earth, and the people I share it with. Not everyone is lucky enough to be with family this day but we can help out those that need it. I am most thankful for my wife and the love that we share. I could not imagine my life without her and the joy she brings and gives day.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you find what you are most thankful for and show that each and everyday you are here on this wonderful Earth we are blessed to have.

Take care and keep up the art.